The Delaunay

Delaunay business card

Opened by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, it’s hard to think the Delaunay is only approaching its second birthday – it feels like it has been at the Aldwych forever. Seeing as it’s my parents favourite restaurant I was more than happy to join them for a bite to eat after seeing Warhorse at the New London Theatre (you really should go and see it).

The outside

The inside was beautiful with its dark wood panelled walls and tables covered in white linen tablecloths; it’s the sort of place you feel comfortable as soon as you’ve arrived. The atmosphere was spot on; the noise of chatter filled the air without being deafening.

The inside

Some warm bread and butter got things off to a delightful start – that’s one thing you’re always guaranteed at a Corbin and King restaurant – good bread!


I went for the Wiener schnitzel (£21) which was so filling I was relieved I’d skipped a starter – which is saying something for me! It was utterly divine; moist rich veal (wiener schnitzel is veal) and a crisp breadcrumb coating – what’s not to like? And it was sitting atop a thick veal jus which was meatily divine.


A side of pickled cucumber (£4) was a surprisingly good companion for the schnitzel; the tangy and crunchy cucumber cut through the richness of the meat brilliantly. The fries (£4.50) were great and the portion size was mahoosive too.



For dessert, the sachertorte (£5.50) was seriously rich; perfect for the three of us to share but it would take a chocoholic of the professional variety to finish it alone. Ruddy lovely though.


Our dinner at The Delaunay was a brilliant one; everything about the experience was (and always is) truly satisfying. Great food in wonderful surroundings with service that charms you from beginning to end. Happy Birthday Delaunay, I’m sure there’s many more to come.


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  1. You do get to all the best places 😀And I love reading about them. Thanks.


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